Broadcasting and things….

This week in class we practiced filming on a video recorder as well as capturing audio on a mic. I am particularly excited about this because of my experience at MUTV E23. Last year joining MUTV, I had no idea what a package was, what the rule of thirds was or what B-roll was. After making mistake after mistake in 2014, 2015 is my broadcasting year. I will finally be able to tell if this is something I can pursue as my career or just a hobby.

In J2150 lab, I am not self-taught anymore but actually learning the language and process behind production. This is excited because I can transfer what I learn here over to teaching my staff at E23. Getting action shots about the topic is important to play over audio as it can help illustrate the story. Setting up a rule of thirds shot helps the viewer not get bored with the shot.

Straight cuts are how are brain usually processes information. Sure, fancy transitions may seem cool when you first learn how to use Final Cut Pro but they take up too much time and create a third image between two pictures. Switching over to Premiere is a little daunting seeing as how I’ve only had editing experience with Final Cut Pro but the J-school has definitely taught me to roll with the punches. Here goes!



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