The Human Condition: Video Elements

A great movie portrays all elements of the human condition. It displays love, hate, sadness, despair, hope, and everything in between. When watching the short documentary film A Thousand More it was clear all parts necessary to display the human condition were there.

Brian Storm and his staff of photographers and post-production editors knew they had to be careful not to focus on disease. Disease is usually accompanied with only sadness and hardship but in order to make the film about Philly the boy, not the boy with SMA, they had to show laughter and tender intimate moments. In these moments, the audience forgot that Philly was in a wheelchair. They forgot that he may never have another birthday after the next surgery. They saw a boy filled with dreams to become a garbage man, and a construction worker like his dad.

You draw the audience into the story visually showing the reaction of the main characters when an action is happening. It is important to set up before the action happens in order to get close-ups, the actual action, and the reactions of the crowd.

Below Julian Treasure talks on how we can speak so that people will listen. This is essential to journalists with a message.


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