Mobile Journalism

Almost every American today carries their cell phone with them where ever they go. When you attend an event and look away from the center stage, the audience is most likely taking pictures on their cell phones and adding photos to their Snapchat stories. As some may say, if you didn’t take a picture, did you even go? It’s an unfortunate quality of our generation that we do not now how to enjoy the moment we’re in. We are so concerned that if we do not share the moment with our social media friends, there is no beauty to the moment. The moment gains importance the more likes we get on the internet. But, here is the funny thing. How many friends on social media are actually our friends? A handful probably if we’re lucky. A thousand + friends is highly unlikely in real life.

With the popularity of capturing photos on our mobile devices growing, it is hard to separate that from mobile journalism. Our lecture on Monday in J2150 taught me that good mobile journalism is different than anyone just taking photos on their phones. There are kits that allow us to capture high quality audio while capturing video on apps that allow editing right on your cell phone or iPad as well. Everyone maybe be a “photographer,” but not everyone is a journalist.

FET_003-1Mobile journalism is something to consider as a possible job in the future. As I approach my junior year with each passing day, I wonder what job in journalism I may have. My interest area may be Broadcast or even advertising, but that does not always secure a job in that field. We have to be trained in every area: writing, video, audio, even strategic communication. I look forward to seeing what mobile journalism has in store for its future.




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