Where the sprinkles fall

My part of the final project was to create a website that is able to showcase our multimedia elements well and also to create a TV style video. Thinking about how to storyboard for the final project was difficult considering our topic, the Mizzou Interactive Theatre Troupe. The performance was easy to film but since it was in a classroom, the setting of each shot was almost exactly the same. I chose to focus the video on “the next steps” after watching the performance. Resources, advice, etc. should be readily available to students and professors if they so choose to continue learning about the discussion presented by the theatre troupe in class. The resource I chose to follow closely added color and life to the video with vibrant posters with strong messages, movement of people, and an overall well-decorated office space.

Sprinkles, a cupcake store located in places such as New York, California, and Chicago, IL, created a TV style video to celebrate its birthday. The cupcakes, the pink-painted walls, and the crazy kitchen all added elements to the video itself because they engaged the viewer. The viewer must be visually enticed to watched the video as well as have clear, audible audio to listen to.


If we are not as lucky to cover to a topic like Sprinkles, as a journalist, it is our job to make the subject look as enticing as possible in the video. Tight shots, behind-the-scenes footage the viewer would never usually see, and creative shots help create this effect for the viewer. It is important to actively seek out these necessary shots but not manipulate a scene for the video. A true piece on the subject should not manipulate the action being done in order to add detail to the video.


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