Make today your happy place

Stefan Vandenkooy summed up a thought I didn’t even know I had in the line, “cultivating a culture where coolness is defined by busy-ness and stress.”

With each passing semester I experience at university, I know this simple fact to be true. Think of the campus stars- the people professors know about, the people students talk about and want to be friends with, the people who seem to have a small connection to every organization on campus. These campus stars are the standouts on campus simply because they are busy. We may see them in passing. We may see them talking on the phone. We may even see them in a photo or two on Facebook. But when do they actually get to experience the environment around them that they pay so much to be apart of?

University is a culture of busy-ness because every day we are asked the questions: How are you preparing for your future? How are you getting to where you want to be? Do you have an internship? How many credits are you taking? How many references do you have on your resume?

Finals week only catalyzes these pressures. The pressure causes an unhealthy amount of stress on people because some do not know how to handle it well.

Finding the balance between the pressure of the future and enjoying the now is the real challenge. If we spend every waking moment stressed by tomorrow, we will look back and realize our future passed us by with our eyes consistently on the horizon and not on the today’s walking path. Our J2150 final project caused a lot of stress on me because of the daunting amount of weight it holds in my grade. However, I did only what I could do and that was to take each day’s criticisms and changes and apply them as they came.

Today is the day we need to actively make better and do the same thing tomorrow.

Today is happening now. Make today your happy place.


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